Maxillofacial Prosthodontists

When a patient has an orofacial defect, result from birth defects, trauma or after surgical treatment of head and/or neck cancer, they might need a prosthesis to replace the missing structures. 

With a maxillofacial prosthesis, the patient can recover the function and the aesthetics by replacing the missing structures. At Cordido Dental Pros, we can help with prosthesis that replace missing structures of the mouth due to trauma, malformation or disease.

Removable prosthesis to replace missing structures

Including prosthesis that the patient removes and it restores missing structures, they are also called obturators. The prosthesis closes the defects and restores function and esthetics.

Fixed prosthesis to replace missing structures

In several cases, a fixed prosthesis over implants or remaining teeth is fabricated to restore missing structures on a patient.