The diagnosis is one of the most important phases of a dental treatment. This is the time where we will gather all the information pertaining to your case in order to study your case and come up with the best tailored treatment plans.

Intraoral Pictures

Using digital technology, we are able to take pictures inside your mouth and share with you what we see in your mouth, for you to see what we see.

Extraoral Pictures

Using DSL cameras, we will document your treatment from beginning to end. Pictures always help to improve treatment outcomes.

Diagnostic models

An accurate representation of your gums and teeth is obtained with a top of the line intraoral scanner. It is an easy, fast and painless procedure that provides a visual tool for diagnosis and treatment planning of your case. Digital models are great to visualize your dental needs and are also used as a reference during treatment.

Digital x-rays

We need clear X-ray images of your teeth and mouth in order to have a more accurate picture of your dental health. We use them to diagnose issues before they advance; to find problems that might not be obvious to the naked eye; to confirm problems that might be difficult to diagnose only by clinical examination; among other uses.

At Cordido Dental Pros, we use the latest in digital x-ray technology to take advantage of its benefits. The benefits include significantly less exposure to radiation, immediate developing of the images, easier sharing of the information with you, and more eco-friendly. 

CBCT – 3D Xrays

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. It is a special digital X-ray equipment that produces a three-dimensional (3D) image of your teeth, bone, soft tissues, nerve pathways and others. 

Here, at Cordido Dental Pros, we have an in-house CBCT scanner, which helps us get 3D images of our patients in a quick and convenient manner.

A 3D image of your mouth, can help us evaluate bone quantity and quality, and plan for dental implants.

Airway CBCT analysis

Our CBCT machine allows  us to evaluate airway space and possible anatomical obstructions. We use this as a diagnostic aid for our Airway cases.

The Airway CBCT analysis makes it possible to measure and study your airway with great detail, showing the areas of concern with a color scale that is easy to understand.