Dental Cleanings

Cleaning your teeth is an important aspect of a healthy mouth. We at Cordido Dental Pros, offer your regular dental cleanings to remove dental plaque and calculus that accumulate on your teeth. We want to help preventing cavities and gum issues.

Follow ups

After you finish any prosthetic treatment, a follow up every so often is needed. The frequency of these appointments is determined on a case by case basis. At every follow up appointment, we will evaluate all the surrounding tissues around your restorations as well as the function of the restorations. This way we are sure that your oral health is maintained after treatment.

Prosthetic maintenance

For dental prosthesis like complete dentures, partial dentures, hybrids and others, a continued maintenance regimen is highly recommended. This procedure includes removal of prosthesis and cleaning of it outside the mouth. Also evaluation of tissues that are in close contact with the prosthesis and the implant status when it applies.

At Cordido Dental Pros: we know that with the appropriate prosthetic maintenance, the long term prognosis of any dental treatment improves significantly.