For Doctors

Let’s partner to support the more complex prosthodontic needs of our patients. After the rehabilitation is complete, the patient returns to you, the referring dentist, for continuing further dental care.

What cases can Dr. Cordido help you with?

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Difficult esthetic cases

As a prosthodontist, I am trained in the selection of materials and several restoration types to fulfill every patient’s expectations (e.g., for single central incisor restoration or full mouth rehabilitation).

Challenging dental situations

As a prosthodontist, I can help with the treatment of patient with extremely worn dentition, deep vertical overlap, bruxism, clenching, TMD and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), among other difficult dental cases, where the design and delivery of any type of restorations is critical.

Complex implant restorations

As a prosthodontist, I specialize in treating failing dentition. I determine what restoration is indicated for each case, and develop function and esthetic for your patient (e.g., removable prosthodontics, fixed restorations and implants supported and retained crowns, bridges and complete arch prostheses).

Comprehensive reconstructive treatments

As a prosthodontist, I have the expertise to use prostheses to replace missing maxillofacial structures such as defects that result from cancer treatment, trauma or developmental problems, providing a treatment that gives not only esthetics, but also function to your patients.

Treatments that require several specialists

As a prosthodontist, I am trained to properly manage and sequence complex cases that often need multiple medical disciplines involved.

Airway patient

Patients that present to you with concerns of Sleep apnea, tiredness, mouth breathing, ADD/ADHD, bed wetting, snoring. I am trained to help this cases get to feel better and improve their quality of life.